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Knox County 8th District Candidates


Welcome to the 8th district candidates web site!

This website was developed to give the citizens of the 8th district a source to compare the candidates, to be able to make an informed decision about which person will best represent their interests on County Commission.


This website is a non-partisan site. The candidates are shown in alphabetical order only. The information on each candidate was provided by the candidate themselves. A candidate questionnaire was sent to each candidate and returned, that questionnaire was scanned in and is available for viewing on each candidate's page. There are no endorsements made, or implied by the information on this website. There were also no campaign contributions made to any candidate for their inclusion on this website.



Early Voting Sites:

10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (closed Sundays)
Oct 15  - 30
Any qualified Knox County voter can vote early for the Tuesday November 4th
Federal & State General Election at any early voting site:

• Knox County Courthouse

Room 218 • 300 Main Street

• Five Points Village Plaza Shopping Center
2364 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

• New Harvest Park
4775 New Harvest Lane • near Knoxville Center Mall

• Halls Recreation Center
6933 Recreation Lane • off Crippen Road

• 235 W. Young High Pike
next to Wood Realtors

• Downtown West Shopping Center
1645 Downtown West Boulevard • Suite 29

• Farragut Town Hall
11408 Municipal Court Drive


• Ball Camp Community
9625 Countyside Center Lane
across from Food City on Middlebrook Pike

Early Voting Sites for the last 4 days:
Extended Hours 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

• UT Center - Main Floor
1502 W. Cumberland Avenue

• Powell Library
330 W. Emory Road


This site was created by Alan Summers as a service to the citizens of the 8th district. Alan Summers is a resident of the 8th district, and does not want the election of a representative to his district be over-looked. To find out more about Mr. Summers, go here...

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